Specializing in multifamily residential investment consulting and select property management in Bangor, ME and beyond.

**Important: Management change for all Greater Bangor Lighthouse tenants

Effective August 21, 2018 Maine Real Estate Management LLC has been appointed manager of all Boardwalk and MPM LLC properties. Please contact them at (207) 942-8003 for questions, maintenance issues or to make rent payments. 

Lighthouse Consulting Services

Site Assessment

Struggling with an under performing property? We  will tour the property and meet with existing management to help you create a plan to move forward.   An initial site visit can really tell us a lot in a short amount of time. Most of these are completed in as little as 1-2 days. Fly in, fly out. 

Management Evaluation

Your management company thinks they're doing a good job but are they really? We will evaluate the  current management process and determine whether they are maximizing the return on your property. If not, we will try and work with them to improve their systems or, in some cases, find a replacement.  

Project Management

From intensive 6-12 month on location assignments to quick but consistent financial/management report review we can tailor a program to suit your needs.  We can oversee the local manager and keep them on task. Even the good ones tend to slip if not being held accountable.   

Due Diligence

Have a property under contract but need help organizing the due diligence effort? We can do that.

Global Service

We will go anywhere. 

Team Building

Property managers, lenders, contractors, real estate agents. Looking to invest in a new market but don't have a team in place? We can assemble one for you. The only way to start off on the right foot is to have solid  "boots on the ground" .

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